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Air borne gamma-ray spectrometer, portable/ground gamma-ray spectrometers and jeep/car borne gamma-ray spectrometers:

Five concrete calibration pads (K, U(I), U(II), Th and Mix pads) were constructed at Civil Airport, Nagpur in 1984. The distinctive features of the pads are large size (12.2m diameter), homogeneity in radio elemental concentration, negligible leachability with the rain water, low radon emanation and high density. These pads are used for calibration of air borne and ground gamma-ray survey equipment.

Five transportable calibration pads (K, U, Th, Composite and BG pads) were also constructed in 2014 which have same features as the fixed calibration pads. These pads can be transported to the airbase where airborne surveys are in progress and can also be used for the calibration of portable gamma-ray spectrometers.

Calibration facilities for Borehole and shielded probe gamma-ray logging systems:

Primary standards facility for calibration of gamma-ray logging systems is available at RSA, HQ, Hyderabad.

Facilities of calibration of gamma-ray logging systems are available at RSA, HQ, Hyderabad.