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Petrology laboratories are located at Hyderabad (Headquarters); New Delhi (Northern Region); Bengaluru (Southern Region); Jamshedpur (Eastern Region); Shillong (Northeastern Region); Jaipur (Western Region); Nagpur (Central Region) and Cherlapalle, Hyderabad (South Central Region). All the petrology laboratories are equipped with state-of-the-art polarising research microscopes with image analysing softwares for transmitted and reflected light studies of rocks, ores and minerals, stereomicroscopes for grain counting and advanced facilities for preparation of thin and polished sections. The laboratories at Hyderabad, New Delhi, Jamshedpur and Jaipur are also equipped with micro-thermometry apparatus with heating and freezing stages for fluid inclusion studies.

Laboratories have a large spectrum of work ranging from characterisation of radioactive and associated non-radioactive rocks, minerals, soils, sands and stream sediments besides SSNTD studies. The laboratories are engaged in comprehensive petro-mineralogical investigations of different geological materials with emphasis on identification and characterisation of radioactive minerals and rocks.

Petrology laboratories