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As per the provisions of Mines & Minerals (Development and Regulation) Act, 1957 (MMDR Act,1957), Mineral Concession Rule,1960 (MCR 1960) and Atomic Energy Act, 1962,the Mining Regulatory Group carries out following work


  •  Scrutiny of proposals from various agencies (Govt/Pvt), referred by DAE for issue of licenses under Atomic Energy ( Working of Mines, Minerals and Handling of Prescribed Substances) Rules, 1984
  •   Scrutiny of applications received from DAE for previous approval in respect of grant of mining lease (ML), prospecting license (PL) and reconnaissance permit (RP) for ‘Atomic Minerals’
  •  Scrutiny of mining plans referred by IBM for AMD’s comments
  •  Inspection of mines and RP, PL, and ML areas in respect of ‘Atomic Minerals’
  • Scrutiny of mining plans for atomic minerals received from Uranium Corporation of India Ltd(UCIL), Indian Rare Earths Ltd.(IREL) and other PSUs
  •  Framing of new rules for regulating the grant of mining leases or other mineral concessions in respect of minerals specified in Part B of the First Schedule and for purposes connected therewith, as per the provisions of MMDR Amendment Act, 2015

 Data from the Mining Plans / Modified Mining Plan / Scheme of Mining approved by AMD in respect of Beach Sand Minerals