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Instrumentation laboratory is located at AMD, HQ, Hyderabad and is engaged in design, development and fabrication of instruments required for exploration activities. A full-fledged workshop supports these activities.  The instruments designed, developed and fabricated are:

Radiation Survey Meter

Radiation survey meter (RSM) with microcontroller based data acquisition, 1”x2” NaI(Tl) detector assembly, GPS, mass storage interface for measuring  gross radioactivity along with data on coordinate, date, time and temperature.

Four Channel Differential Gamma-Ray Spectrometer

Microcontroller based four single channel analyser consisting of NaI(Tl) scintillation detector assembly for in-situ estimation of radio elemental concentrations.The unit displays the radio elemental concentration along with the count rates for U, Th and K.

MCA based Portable Gamma-Ray Spectrometer

Microcontroller based portable 256 channel multichannel analyzer (MCA) consisting of scintillation detector integral assembly of 3”x3” NaI (Tl), 256 channel MCA, GPS, storage media interface for in-situ estimation of radio elemental concentrations of U, Th and K.

Borehole Logging System

Gamma-ray borehole logging system for the natural gamma measurement consisting of detector {GM tube/NaI(Tl)}, armoured cable winch and a digital count rate meter. Spectral gamma-ray borehole logging system consisting of probe {NaI(Tl) detector, 256 channel multi channel analyser and DAS}, armoured cable winch and PC for in-situ estimation of Th, U, K and gross gamma. Multi parametric continuous logging system is a microprocessor based geophysical logging system for measurement of self potential, short normal, long normal and lateral resistivities in bore wells.

Radiometric analyses systems:

Powder analyses system is portable, battery operated and used for radioactivity measurement (eU3O8) of the borehole core and powder samples. Core analysis system is deployed for the evaluation of the grade (eU3O8).

PC based beta-gamma and gamma-ray spectrometric (MCA) systems

PC based beta-gamma and gamma–ray spectrometric {multi channel analyzer (MCA)} system for the measurement of eU3O8 and U3O8 of radioactive powder samples and radio elemental concentrations.

Bulk Uranium Ore Analyzer (BUOA):

Bulk Uranium Ore Analyser (BUOA) is used to determine the grade of the run of uranium mine ore. The in-built software evaluates the grade of the run of mine and provides an audio-visual indication to delineate the ore grade for dumping the ore in appropriate stack piles.