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Drilling is the key performance indicator of any exploration activity. In AMD, drilling activities are coordinated by Departmental and Contract Drilling Groups.

AMD initiated drilling, on contract, in 1951 when four boreholes were drilled by Associated Drilling Company, London, soon after the discovery of uranium mineralisation at Jaduguda, Jharkhand (then Bihar state). Subsequently, departmental drilling operations were commenced after purchase of four Cralius diamond core drilling in 1954. By 1961, AMD had acquired 14 drilling units of Cralius, Joy, Longyear make. Following discovery of uranium mineralisation in other geological domains, more drilling rigs were procured and by early nineties, 60 rigs of different make were in operation. Initially, all the rigs were skid mounted mechanical rigs. During 2009-10, AMD acquired 10 state-of-the-art truck/crawler mounted hydrostatic rigs. Presently, 35 drilling rigs (25 conventional mechanical and 10 hydrostatic) are in operation across the country in seven Regional Centres. AMD has the capacity to drill boreholes up to 1200m depth

Conventional rig Truck mounted hydrostatic rig
Truck mounted non-coring rig Crawler mounted hydrostatic rig

Apart from drilling operation by Departmental drill rigs, large quantum of coring, non-coring and ‘sonic’ drilling are also being carried out on contract. Work is awarded based on competitive bidding.

A total of 2,189.88km of departmental and 1,058.84km contract drilling (as on May, 2017), have been carried out in different parts of the country for augmentation of uranium resources.