Print Icon Geotechnical Investigations

AMD being a member of DAE committee for evaluation of sites for nuclear establishments carries out preliminary geotechnical, seismotectonic and geological studies of the proposed site for nuclear facilities including nuclear power plants.

The activities include integration and analyses of all available geological, geophysical, tectonic and seismic data for preparation of seismotectonic maps. The earthquake potential of the structural elements, identification of seismo-genic structures and seismo-tectonic provinces are evaluated. Remote sensing studies using high resolution satellite imageries followed by ground investigations are also carried out. Similar studies are also carried out for selection of the sites for radioactive waste repositories, heavy water plants, nuclear fuel complex, tailing ponds and irradiation plants. Geological mapping, drilling, litho logging, RQD index and geotechnical studies of  borehole core samples, petro-mineralogical and geo-chemical studies of rock samples related to the proposed sites provides valuable input for site evaluation. Investigative geological and seismotectonic reports submitted by other agencies are also critically examined.