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Atomic Minerals Data Centre (AMDC) has been entrusted with management of Information Technology (IT) infrastructure, website, emails and design, development and implementation of Enterprise Level Atomic Minerals Exploration Database Management System (EGDMS). The centre has also developed facility for Geomodeling using latest tools.The major activities of the group are as follows:

  • Information Technology
  • Website Design & Management
  • Database Development
  • Geomodeling
Columbite - Tantalite 134.472t
Beryl 4,244.671t
Xenotime bearing concentrate 52.783t
Lipidolite 3296t

AMD being a member of DAE committee for evaluation of sites for nuclear establishments carries out preliminary geotechnical, seismotectonic and geological studies of the proposed site for nuclear facilities including nuclear power plants.

As per the provisions of Mines & Minerals (Development and Regulation) Act, 1957 (MMDR Act,1957), Mineral Concession Rule,1960 (MCR 1960) and Atomic Energy Act, 1962,the Mining Regulatory Group carries out following work

  • Scrutiny of proposals from various agencies (Govt/Pvt), referred by DAE for issue of licenses under Atomic Energy ( Working of Mines, Minerals and Handling of Prescribed Substances) Rules, 1984
  • Scrutiny of applications received from DAE for previous approval in respect of grant of mining lease (ML), prospecting license (PL) and reconnaissance permit (RP) for ‘Atomic Minerals’
  • Scrutiny of mining plans referred by IBM for AMD’s comments
  • Inspection of mines and RP, PL, and ML areas in respect of ‘Atomic Minerals’
  • Scrutiny of mining plans for atomic minerals received from Uranium Corporation of India Ltd(UCIL), Indian Rare Earths Ltd.(IREL) and other PSUs
  • Framing of new rules for regulating the grant of mining leases or other mineral concessions in respect of minerals specified in Part B of the First Schedule and for purposes connected therewith, as per the provisions of MMDR Amendment Act, 2015

Data from the Mining Plans / Modified Mining Plan / Scheme of Mining approved by AMD in respect of Beach Sand Minerals

AMD started the assigned task of atomic mineral exploration/evaluation in the country with 23 scientific and 7 technical personnel in 1950 which has now grown into a multi- disciplinary organisation with 2644 personnel (as on 01.11.2016) in scientific (563), technical (513), administrative (295) and auxiliary (1273) categories.

Material Management Group (MMG) is responsible for procurement of machineries & equipments and materials & supplies costing up to Rs. 20 lakhs. Purchase folders costing above Rs. 20 lakhs are processed through Directorate of Purchase and Stores, Mumbai. The proposals for Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) are scrutinized and AMCs are awarded. Presently, procurement is done through online e-tendering. The group is also responsible for processing of condemnation and disposal proposals.

Construction and Engineering Services Group is responsible for planning, estimation and execution of various minor works required for installation of new machineries and equipments, modernisation of existing infrastructures, upkeep and maintenance of office and residential buildings at AMD Headquarter, Hyderabad. The group also extends necessary support for all engineering works being executed at different Regional Centres and monitoring of progress achieved in various constructions related plan projects.

Safety at work place to prevent accidents and protect the environment and loss of government properties. The activities includes monitoring of effluents, suspended particulate matter, gaseous pollutants like NO2, SO2,  gamma radiation, whole body dose and sound level in various laboratories/sections/field areas; facilitate increased use of safety equipments; promote safety culture by way of audio-visual programme, training; competitions for safety related posters- slogans - songs; compilation of unusual occurrences in various Units of DAE and its circulation to various laboratories/sections of AMD to avoid recurrences. Inspection of various laboratories/sections is carried out to prevent unsafe/unhygienic conditions and also for collection & compilation of annual safety statistical report.