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Government of India 

Department of Atomic Energy

Anushakti Bhavan 

CSM Marg 

Mumbai - 400 001

Please refer to AMD I.D.Note No.AMD-21(1)/82-TECH(E)/1336 dated March 9,2006 (copy enclosed) seeking clarification on whether the Monazite Test Certification (MTC) being issued by AMD to exporters of beach sand minerals should be continued or dispensed with in the context of delisting of ilmenite, rutile, leucoxene and zirocn from the list of Prescribed substances. 

It has been decided in the Department that AMD certification of export consignments of ilmenite may not be insisted upon as titanium ores and concentrates (ilmenite, rutile and leucoxene) and zirconium, its alloys and compounds and minerals/concentrates including zircon have been delisted from the list of Prescribed Substances after 1.1.2007 and more over it is not justified on economic considerations. However, AMD may carry out the sample testing to issue the MTC as a charged service to be availed of on a volumtary basis as at present no other agencies may be equipped to provide this service. 

AMD is also requested to communicate the above decission to all the agencies, whose consignments are being tested by AMD at present and also to the concerned officials in the Customs Departments/Port Trusts. The above decision may be implemented immediately. 

This issues with the approval of Secretary, DAE.


(Lathika Goel) 

Deputy Secretary (I&M)

Atomic Minerals Directorate for Exploration and Research (Dr.Anjan Chaki, Director), 1-10-153/156, Hydeabad - 500 016 

Id.No.8/1(2)/2004=PSU/Vol.III/2631 dt.18 April.2007