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As a part of Human Resource Development, BARC Training School AMD campus Hyderabad was set-up in 2010 with the objective to conduct one year Orientation Course for Engineering Graduates and Science Postgraduates (OCES) to develop young scientists / engineers in the nuclear field and to impart specialized training on state of the art exploration methodology and techniques at induction level especially in the field of geosciences i.e. geology and geophysics. The Trainee Scientific Officers after successful completion of course work are entitled for a Post Graduate Diploma by Homi Bhabha National Institute(HBNI), a deemed University, which can be further extended for obtaining M.Tech Degree on completion of a project approved by DAE.

Syllabus of training school is designed in three modules i.e. nuclear science, core geology/geophysics and field project modules keeping in view the requirements of AMD’s exploration programme. Training School comprises in-house faculty as well as resource persons available in other DAE Units (BARC, NFC, UCIL, AERB, IREL, NPCIL etc.), academic institutions (Osmania University, University of Hyderabad etc.) and other organisations like NMDC, NGRI for imparting class room lectures and field training to Trainee Scientific Officer (TSO).

Meticulously designed curriculum has played a vital role in providing high quality professional development in the field of atomic minerals exploration(uranium, rare metal & rare earth and beach sand heavy minerals). The performance of TSOs are assessed through regular examinations and on completion of the training, they are awarded a certificate. The meritorious TSOs in each discipline are awarded Homi Bhabha Prize. The graduated trainees are posted in different Regions of AMD and other Units of DAE.

Scientific Officers pursuing M. Tech. are being conferred with Degree certificates in ‘Engineering Sciences’ by HBNI after the completion of their project. 

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