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68th AMD Annual Day celebrations

  1. Guests being received on their arrival
  2. Director AMD with Chief Guest in the audience gallery
  3. Guests and Additional Directors in the audience gallery
  4. Guests and Additional Directors in the audience gallery
  5. A section of invites
  6. A section of invites
  7. A section of audience
  8. Director addressing the gathering
  9. Dr.Yamuna Singh sharing their reminiscences
  10.  Dr Nagendra Babu sharing their reminiscences
  11. A group photo during the Annual Day Celebrations at ER Jamshedpur
  12. A glimpse of Annual Day at NER, Shillong
  13. Chief Guest addressing the gathering
  14. A still from a skit performed by AMD employees
  15. Employees performing a dance sequence
  16. A group photo during the Annual Day Celebrations at WR, Jaipur
  17. Shri Lakshman Rao Ex CA & AO sharing his memories
  18. Dr.K.K.Dwivedy Ex Director AMD sharing his memories
  19. Dr. R.Dhana Raju sharing his expreiences
  20. Shri P.V.S Naidu sharing his expreiences
  21. Third Prize for the Unit: DM-1000, WR, NDF, Invs
  22. Second Prize for the Unit: DM-400 (A), SR, KB Invs.
  23. First Prize for the Unit: DM 1000, ER SSZ Invs.
  24. Second Prize for the Unit: HDCD400(4), SCBI, SR
  25. First Prize for the Unit: HDCD400 (6), SCBI, SR

 “On July 28, 2017, the 68th AMD Annual Day was celebrated at AMD Headquarters, Hyderabad and all the Regional Centres with great fervour and gaiety.  All the Officers and staff members actively participated in the grand event. 

At AMD Headquarters, Hyderabad, Dr. Debashish Das, Distinguished Scientist and Chairman and Managing Director, Electronics Corporation of India Limited (ECIL) graced as a Chief Guest of the function.  Retired officers and staff of AMD shared their interesting and thought-provoking reminiscences on the occasion. 
A slide show depicting the exploration activities of AMD since its inception highlighting the glimpses of early days of field activities and gradual advancement to the present day technological development was very interesting and motivating.
On the occasion, the best performing drilling units of the Directorate were presented with the Rolling Trophies, under two categories, viz., Mechanical, Hydrostatic drilling rigs. Under Mechanical category, First (RD-30(5); second DM 400(4); and third (DM 1000) prizes were distributed. Under Hydrostatic category, First (400 (6)) and Second (400 (4)) were distributed. Respective drilling crew personnel received the award while greeted by one and all.
A vibrant cultural programme was organised, which enthralled one and all.”