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Drilling is a key performance indicator of any exploration activity. Drilling for uranium was first started by AMD on contract during 1951 at Jaduguda in Jharkhand soon after discovery of uranium mineralisation there. Subsequently, following discovery of mineralisation in other geological environments, drilling rigs were procured. Although the strength of rigs reached 57 during early nineties, it has reduced to 37 now and additional requirements are met by outsourcing.Till February 2005, AMD has drilled about 1370 km in different terrains to prove uranium resources by departmental drilling. Deepest drilling,  down to 1200 meter depth, was done at Jaduguda in Singbhum shear zone, Bihar.

There are 49 drilling engineers and 256 technical personals working in different capacities.

The drilling rigs available in AMD are of Indian make (LT, Voltas, Rockdrill, Drillmax, Mincore etc.).

Apart from uranium exploration, AMD has also taken up drilling in some important national projects on behalf of BARC, NPCIL and NGRI. The organization is competent to undertake drilling operations in various geological environments and difficult field conditions.